Yorkshire Survivor Pathways is designed to provide a comprehensive web directory of the services available in Yorkshire and Humberside to help support victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

Who can use this site?

The site is provided to help survivors locate and access the support resources relevant to them. Professionals, friends, and family members can also use the site to refer or support survivors.

How to use this site

To find the services available:

Step 1: Region Selection

Services are grouped by their location within Yorkshire and Humberside. Use the map or list to click on the most relevant search area to find local services.

You don’t have to use the services closest to you, and if you prefer you can browse all the available services.

Step 2: Demographic Selection

Not all services will support all types of Survivors, for example some only cater for women or adults.

Click on your demographic to view the most relevant results. Alternatively you can choose to show all the services available regardless of demographic.

Step 3: Results Summary

A summary of the services available will now be shown. You can further filter the results, or alternatively just click directly on a service to view their full details.


Yorkshire Survivor’s Pathways project is funded by NHS England and is for the areas of Yorkshire and the Humber. This site is supported by national body The Survivors Trust and was built and is maintained by a Survivor Trust Member – Survive who are based in North Yorkshire.


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