Services in West Yorkshire for Men

We’ve found 5 different service providers available to you in West Yorkshire. You can also filter results by the service category which best suits your needs.

Ben’s Place is a male-focused trauma-informed counselling service, designed to be user-friendly and survivor-led and focused.

Survivors West Yorkshire (SWY) provides a range of evidence-based services that are gender-informed and accessible across West Yorkshire. SWY services are designed to be user-friendly and proactively involve survivors.

The Hazlehurst Centre is the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for West Yorkshire.

Mosaic II


MOSAIC II aims to relieve the mental and physical distress and suffering of families whose lives have been affected by sexual violence or abuse, by the provision of therapeutic advice and advocacy services and to raise awareness of the issues surrounding such violence and abuse.

Kirklees Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre provides services for women and men over the age of 13 who live in the Kirklees area who have experienced sexual abuse or domestic abuse.

Services cater for women and men, but woman only spaces can be provided.

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