Services in West Yorkshire for Young people

We’ve found 4 different service providers available to you in West Yorkshire. You can also filter results by the service category which best suits your needs.

Ben’s Place is a male-focused trauma-informed counselling service, designed to be user-friendly and survivor-led and focused.

Survivors West Yorkshire (SWY) provides a range of evidence-based services that are gender-informed and accessible across West Yorkshire. SWY services are designed to be user-friendly and proactively involve survivors.

Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL) are a feminist organisation that supports all women and girls in Leeds who need us – trans inclusive – who have been affected by sexual violence of any kind at any time in their lives.

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service (BRC&SASS) supports women and girls who have experienced rape and other sexual abuse at any point in their lives, yesterday or years ago, as an adult or a child.

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