Services in South Yorkshire

We’ve found 9 different service providers available to you in South Yorkshire. You can also filter results by the service category which best suits your needs.

The Child Sexual Assault Assessment Centre (CSAAC) at Sheffield Children’s Hospital provides the SARC service for children and young people from 0-16 years of age in South Yorkshire.

Hackenthorpe Lodge is the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for the South Yorkshire region.

South Yorkshire Sexual Violence Partnership provides a single website for referral to all the ISVA services in South Yorkshire.

Young Womens Housing Project (YWHP) is based in Sheffield and is one of the only specialist services in the UK offering supported accommodation and therapeutic provision to young women aged 16-25 years, and their children, who have been affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and intimate partner abuse.

Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service (SWCTS) is a specialist service providing free, confidential counselling and therapy services for women in Sheffield who have experienced abuse or trauma.

Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (SRASAC) is a specialist sexual violence service providing support to all survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Sheffield.

Service without discrimination, SRASAC caters for everyone regardless of age, race, religion, disability, gender or sexuality.

Rotherham Abuse Counselling Service provides specialist therapeutic counselling support to help survivors of sexual, physical or mental abuse and domestic violence (living or working in Rotherham) to fulfil their potential and lead happier, healthier lives.

Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (DRASACS) is an independent charity that has been helping victims of sexual violence since 1987.

DRASACS provides confidential services for Adults, Children, and young people (aged under 18) who have experienced rape or sexual abuse, recently or in their past.

Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Services (BSARCS) is the only group in Barnsley offering specialist services to people whose lives have been affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault or any kind of sexual violence.

BSARCS works with women, men, children and young people who live in the Barnsley area.

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